Would you consider joining the Parish Council?

Would you consider standing for a seat on the Parish Council?

There are currently two vacant seating following the election on May 4th 2023.

To be a local Councillor you must be –

  • 18 years old and a British or Commonwealth Citizen
  • Be a local elector and have lived, worked or owned a property in the area for at least 12 months
  • The Council meets every month, except for August, in the Village Hall.

Why consider standing for election?

People stand for many reasons.

  • To speak on behalf of the local community and help local people
  • To determine the Parish Precept which is charged on all homes in Scotton
  • To contribute thoughts and ideas to help the community
  • To help shape the future of Scotton
  • To influence and comment on decision making by other bodies
  • Do I need any skills in Committee procedure or Council work?

No – full training is offered and encouraged. Many Councillors bring their professional and life skills with them.

What have the Council done previously?

  • Purchasing and installng a Speed Indicator Device to begin addressing speeding around the village of Scotton
  • Planting a living tree to be used for Christmas festivities
  • The creation of a Community Orchard
  • Installing benches for the benefit of residents
  • Creating a book kiosk
  • Storing grit for use in the winter months
  • Listening to the comments and concerns of all residents
  • What could you do?

How do I become a Councillor?

Please contact the Parish Clerk on 07891 743191 or email - scottonparish@gmail.com for a chat and further information.
You could even speak to an existing Councillor and ask them what their experiences have been.

Your community needs YOU!

Published: Wednesday, 15th February 2023